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  • I liked that Resource_Group_Member_Counts datasource that gave you the number of hosts that are in a resource tree.    Is that something you can provide for me to import into my instance for testing?

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    Sure thing.  I really should put this into the Exchange, but i'd still have to maintain the documentation which won't fit in the technical notes.

  • Hi, I am still relatively new to topology maps and disappointed that I missed this session. Did you record the session from the start? It feels like there is an intro part or initial setup missing. It seems LM does not support ISIS on Cisco IOS XE code and also does not support MP-BGP (multi protocol BGP for MPLS), which means I need to create manual relationships between devices. Is there a document or other article that explains the basics of this os will support be able to assist me to get going?

    Also, can one built relationships between instances and devices? I.e Ping-Multi instances ran from the collector to reach IP's must have a dependancy relationship on a specific Core router/interface where the actual circuits terminates.



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    The recording at the beginning of this thread is all we have for that session.

    We do support all kinds of connections mapped through topology. We just might not have that TopologySource built out of the box. This simply means that we wouldn't discover them automatically until a topologysource is written. The good news is that you can write that topologysource yourself without too much work. Take a look at this thread: 



    Manually creating the relationships should only be attempted if they cannot be discovered automatically.


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    You can relate devices to devices, devices to instances, instances to devices, and instances to instances.