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4 years ago

2021-01-27 Office Hours

Thanks for attending this morning's session for EMEA. For those that attended, please fill out our feedback survey here.

This afternoon's session still has room for more attendees, so sign up now!

Here's the recording from this morning's session:


a href="" rel="">Here's the widget mentioned in this morning's session.

Here are the questions asked and where you can find the answers in the videos:

Q [9:17]Do you know if there are any plans to provide filtering on dashboards so that you can make them a bit contextual?.  An example is that we have a customer with about 900 sites and the are pretty much identical.  So would be good to be able to filter down to a device to drive the context of charts on the dashboard rather than having a dashboard per site.  I know you can state a default device token, however its not really user friendly especially if you dont give manage rights to the dashboard. It would be good to see the widget, thanks for that suggestion.  No rush if others have other questions.

Q: [24:10] Would you be able to run through a setup of a Service?  example  could be a web server, a sql server etc and how they alert?. no thanks

Q: [36:32] Hi Stuart, Maybe a question often asked an often answered. How can i give access to a dashbroad for a kiosk pc/account
Ok, nice. And because we use SAML/SSO you would you for that shared dashboard use a account  outside of the federation?

Q: [47:13] Another question. Decrease the polling interval for snmp globaly. possible somehow? my linux guys are bothered about the logs ;) ok so i have to do that on every datasource