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4 years ago

2020-12-02 LogicMonitor Basics Webinar

New to LogicMonitor? This webinar is designed to help new users get their bearings and become familiar with LogicMonitor and its UI, terminology, and basic workflows. Our training team will offer Q&A and help set you up for success with LogicMonitor!

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    Here's today's replay:


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    Here's is the Q&A transcript from today's session:

    Q: [17:20] What are the limits for a small/nano size collector? what # of devices can be managed with those sizes?
    AP: It is based on instances more than device counts.

    Q: [28:00] Auto-discovery scares me.  Potentially can blow out our license count.  Can we have auto-discovery place devices into an UN-Monitored group so we can manually move devices into a diff group that we want to monitor?
    OP: How can we set that netscan option as default? for all future scans

    Q: [42:40] Scripts...    - I assume only they only run on the collector?   or can collector send snmp to a monitored device to execute a script on that device?

    Q: [43:47] Since the code inside a DataSource presumably could consume some non-trivial amount of Collector resources to execute, is there a way to see which DataSources are creating the most load?

    Q: [Answered afte the recording went off] I implemented Config Sources and im using it to compare the results of get-aduser script. It tells me if a domain admin was added to the domain recently but the results have been very off. A lot false positives are coming from LM config. My issue is that i can't see the source files that LM is using to compare it.
    A: This seems like it's a problem where the PowerShell script that is running is exiting unsuccessfully, but still exiting with an exit code of 0, even if the script failed and has no output. Check that the script is using "exit 1" any time the script fails to output proper data.