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4 years ago

2020-11-04 - LogicMonitor Basics Webinar

New to LogicMonitor? This webinar is designed to help new users get their bearings and become familiar with LogicMonitor and its UI, terminology, and basic workflows. Our training team will offer Q&A and help set you up for success with LogicMonitor!

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    Video replay is now published:


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    Questions answered in this webinar:

    Q: Unomaly product, plans LogicMonitor have for it
    A: Take a look at the Keynote video for our Virtual Level Up conference we released last month. We talk heavily about it. It’s going GA within the next few weeks. a href="" rel="">

    Q: Hi. Are there any remediation capabilities like restarting a windows service?
    A: Answered live at 48:22.

    Q: What is the impact of deleting a dynamic group?
    A: Answered live at 50:14