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5 years ago

13 May 2020 Office Hours - Alerts Take 2 - Recording and Q&A

Thanks to all the attendees at this week's Office Hours session.

  • You can find the recording here:

  • The Q&A transcript is at the bottom of this post.
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  • Our next session is planned for May 27th. You can register here.

Q: How can I get the list of all unmonitored devices and data sources? and is there a way to prevent people from truning off the alerts?
A: For retrieving a list of unmonitored devices, I would recommend check the minimal monitoring dynamic folder. This will generally contain all devices that have not discovered or associated. Regarding preventing users from adjusting the tuning of alerts this would be handled through our RBAC. Their user role will need to be restricted to prevent that.

Q: Sorry- very new to LM...  Can you set alerts to only trigger during "prime time", for example, like 9:00-5:00?
A: Yes, you can set a different threshold for different parts of the day. You need to open the wizard and select the Timeframe.

Q: Can time based thresholds have days of the week? Not just time?
A: No, but escalation chains can be configured to behave differently depending on time of day and day of week. (See "Create time-based chain" on

Q: I asked this on the invitation, but would really like to see the ability to route alerts based on datasource group. Multiple teams care about different things on a server.
A: Would like to talk more about this to better understand the use case. I will open a support case for you so we can get some more detail.

Q: Hello, please disregard if this isn't the correct forum, but I have a specific issue: configuring LM for EMC Avamar and it only seems to work when giving LM MCUser account credentials. When I give it a read-only account it throws errors. Is this safe, since MCUser is admin privileges?
A: This may be better to dive into over a support case, but generally we will require whatever permissions are need to make a successful collection query to the device. If the device is only presenting this data when queried with administrative rights then it may be a firm requirement. If you have another account that can make the same query externally let us know and we can help narrow down what options might be available.

Q: Instead of a Stage 2 that's empty, why not simply make the Escalation Interval zero?
A: That’s definitely another option that’s completely valid.

Q: Is there an "on call" or schedule feature for alerting rules on the roadmap?
A: I don’t think it’s on the roadmap, but there is a workaround built by a former LogicMonitor engineer:

Q: how do you add an empty stage?
A: For completeness: Go to Settings >> Escalation Chains >> click the Gear icon to manage a specific escalation chain >> click the plus sign. Don’t enter any recipients.

Q: For our organization the advices from LM was to get a range of priorities per recipient (groups) meaning priority 1000-2000 to Network 2000-3000 to Servers 3000-4000 to Workstations etc...  but doesn't this create a level of priority between the groups? so If Network is concerned then the next group will not receive the alerts ?
A: live answered

Q: might be worth noting that things like Dynamic Thresholds aren't available for certain LM license levels. I went digging for that after the last Alert Routing Office Hours and couldn't find it. I thought I was going crazy, until support explained that our license level didn't include those features!
A: live answered