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10 June 2020 - LM Exchange - Recording and Q&A

To assist you get the most out of your LogicMonitor, we would like to invite you to join us at 11am PST (1pm CST), Wednesday June 10th, for another LogicMonitor Office Hours. This week's session will highlight a new feature, just released: LM Exchange. Join the LogicMonitor training team as we detail some of the cool new functionality rolling out for the LogicModule Exchange.

A Q&A will also be available time permitting.

Please use the link below to register:

Hope to see you there!

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    Thanks everyone for attending today's Live Training Webinar on the new LM Exchange! Here's you'll find the recording and the Q&A transcript. Please give us feedback on these webinars so we can keep them going!

    The Q&A transcript can be found after the video. 


    Q&A Transcript

    Q: Can we filter to only show core?
    A: There’s no explicit way to filter by the account, but if you just filter for “core” you’ll get only core modules, plus non-core modules that happen to have “core” in the name. You can do the same with LogicModule types, eg “DataSource”. We’re planning on adding a dropdown to filter LM/Core vs Community vs LM Endorsed

    Q: Can we filter to only show core?
    A: For now, filter for “core” and you can get close. We’re planning to add the ability to show just core, or just community, or both.

    Q: Can we see how many people have rated a module?
    A: We just show average right now, but we can expose total rating counts.

    Q: Two questions can you Multi Select to install new and what does upgraded mean in the filter?
    A: No bulk import yet.  Upgraded shows upgrades available in the Exchange for LogicModules you already have installed.

    Q: Is there any tangible benefit (aside from being a way to channel my OCD and keep things neat) to deleting logicmodules not in use from "Installed Modules"?  Obviously future resource additions will not be picked up automatically if I previously deleted relevant Logicmodules but other than that?  thx.
    A: If the modules haven’t identified any resources that they apply to then there isn’t really any benefit aside from keeping things neat- however if it’s a module that does apply to devices, but has had monitoring disabled (as an example) it can prevent added stress on the collectors from active discovery cycles executing

    Q: Are "Packages" the same as the old "groups" or something new?
    A: New concept.

    Q: Can we un-public a DataSource that was mistakenly published pubically?
    A: Yes, but it won’t be pulled from other accounts if they’ve imported it already. You can toggle between Public and Private as much as you want from My Repo tab.

    Q: Are LogicModules in "My Repository" only published by you or anyone in your LM portal?
    A: Anyone in your portal.

    Q: Any reason I already have like 1200 in my repository, is this typical?
    A: (Answered after the fact) I see less than 20 currently. Perhaps it's a browser caching issue? Try a hard refresh?

    Q: The on-off slider AND the name changing from "Collapse Packages" and "Expand Packages" is confusing
    A: Yes, we’ve got a few complaints about this. We will improve it.

    Q: I regularly (monthly) go into settings>logicmodule to import new and review updated datasources, etc. How can i determine if these modules are new - in user, new - not in use, etc?
    A: For now, you’ll have to click into the module detail page and run Test AppliesTo. Would you prefer to see this information as a column in the Public Repository tab?
    Q: yes, i think having a column in there would be helpful. that would save a lot of time sifting through these to determine what i want to import or not.

    Q: With the packages collapsed the oracle database package shows as installed and not update required. Therefore how do i know the package contains updates?
    A: It should be showing that an upgrade is available. We will investigate.

    Q: can you package other modules owned by other users into a package?
    A: Currently you can only package public modules published by your account.

    Q: How do you get them into My Repository in the first place? By using the current “Publish to Exchange” option it goes to “My Repository” as Private
    A: Ahh, I see, find it in ‘Installed Modules’ then ‘Commit to My Repository’

    Q: If new LogicModules are released to replace old / deprecated ones, is there any indication of that? Something like... "This new 'FortiGate: Sensors' replaces 'Fortigate Sensors-' so you should ..... "
    A: We have a “deprecated” status that will be exposed in the next release or two. We’ll direct you to a repalcement in the changelog message.

    Q: MSP relevant question: What do we do for situations where a datasource might have multiple separate customizations, like multiple clients requiring different datasoure customizations? Can we have a situation where we have these customizations, but the original datasource (whether custom or core) act as a dependency that is updated, therefore only needing to update the original. What I see what LMX is capable of doing is a single customization situation.. or maybe i am wrong. 
    A: At the moment overwrites and updates should only happen for modules with a name for name match (the same as it works now), to update multiple copies I believe you would still need to update any cloned modules separately since there’s no way to associate them at the moment.
    A: We’ll be tackling this intially by allowing you to SLM arbitrary modules. So you can tell us that you want to pull updates from Foo into Foo_OtherFlavor, for example. We’ve also kicked around the idea of extending the Alert Tuning concept so that you can get something more like inheritance/dependency.

    Q: For clients with limited license entitlements (no mapping for instance) will the public repository filter out packages that the clients instance cant consume (like a topology source)?
    A: Or a config source without lm config licensing. I actually have to test current behavior, I think currently you will see stuff you can’t necessarily use.

    Q: If you run into issues after you have imported a new version of a datasource, can you rollback to your original datasource?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Does SLM work similarly if I release my own logicmodule publicly, and then someone improves it and re-releases it?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Is there any new feature which relates a Clone to the original? We have big concerns about cloned LogicModules being "orphaned" from future fixes.
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: the old import method showed you the differences isnt this a step backwards? It seems to show it (in non-raw form) but in tiny little windows?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Is there a prompt to enter contextual notes after making changes to logicmodules, ie what used to be "Show History"?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: What do you do with modules marked ‘Uninmplemented’?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Is there a way to see which installed modules that LM no longer supports, but yet is still in our library
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Is the dif for groovy code something you are looking to implement?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: In the old LM datasource import we can see just what's new/changed to import.  There doesn't seem to be a way to filter that in the same way in the Exchange
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Once you save a module the second time with a reason for updating, does it just stay on that screen? What is the best way to go to the next update you want to check?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Do you plan to add an export to save module details externally?
    A: This question was answered live.
    Q: An list export will allow us to share new or updated module details with teams that won't have access to "Exchange"

    Q: Already asked the question but NO bulk import [install/upgrade]. Coming soon.. For new datasources we always install them.. never know when they might come in handy. I need to click install for each datasource?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Are updated LogicModules now marked as audited automatically after local repo changes are applied?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Did I miss how to get into SLM, when I click on Install on a module, it say" ..conflicts with existing module. Either SLM or reimport with force overwrite"
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Can we have something like packages in the private side, as you can have custom datasources that sorta act like dependencies...maybe a way to indicate a dependency on a property source or datasource etc
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Users/User Groups can have the Exchange tab supressed--so they can't interact with it at all-- the same as other UI features?  How does that impact presentation and access to"Edit Global Definition" ?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Is there a different / special way to submit issues with LMX, or is the usual chat & ticket system appropriate?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: I know historically these have never been linked but are you planning on launching Packages linked to platform upgrade release notes yet? ? Just curious. I know they are normally linked to technologies.
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Just looking at core (authored), how come when looking at Upgrade and/or New in the Public Respository doesn't match the modules I would see in the legacy datasource import?
    A: This question was answered live.
    Above: Toggle the packages?

    Q: search in my instance seems to be rather eager searching each letter as i type causing lockups while the search completes and the need to refresh with F5. Is this a known bug?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Thanks everybody, Sorry for giving you all a hard time!
    A: Happy to help, come see us in Chat anytime!
    Q: Not a problem, we’re keen to improve it

    Q: Any new updates comparing last version (e.g., 1.0), current, and new in core (e.g., v1.1)? Example: Person X updates a DS without having good audit notes. We need to go back into Audit Logs to figure things out. This goes back to tracking versions we spoke of Mike G. ? Example: We import v1.5 of a DS, per edits DS, version is now lost and set to v1.0, v1.6 is relased. We would not know we were on v1.5 To know all diffs between v1.5 and "v1.0" We spoke of this via email
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: will we able to complex filter?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: With the two windows for compare (local/exchange), can those windows be bigger for stuff like scripts? Can you copy/paste from those little windows?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: filtering maybe by core only?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: how does code review work on submitted public modules... I flick my datasource to public what happens from my side?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: How is your Super Mario World DS? ? It’s in the public repo… Now I’m curious. Looks like a dummy DS, no collection script
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: Feature request to add more of a documentation section than description, a place for versioning notes, additional configuation instructions, etc
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: How do we change the name of the author, I only see the company name be on the author when we write it, and want to give different engineers in the company their separate credit
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: it is possible to remove a module from the repo? It doesn’t look like there’s an option to remove it from the repo, but you can set it back to “Private” instead of Public and it won’t be accessible to any 3rd parties. I do have it within "my repo", but thanks
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: what happens if a bug is discovered in a reviewed DS?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: I presume that "Security Review" will scan for passwords, and the like?  We have internal customers with...elevated access.  And I can see one of them A) putting a password in a DS, and B) publishing it.
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: When you want to import a package as a whole, willl there be a way to have this be pushed into a datasource group? The ungrouped list is getting larger and larger as things are being released.
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: for tinkering with a DS we still use the old menu and way.. say add a new graph ect?
    A: This question was answered live.

    Q: SO how were we gonna handle the situation where we have a single DS and we want to make multiple versions of it for say different customers? what if we only wanted to update the original thing? I joined in late sorry. For example, I updated 11 NetApp eseries datasources today using Smart Merging as we had issues now those 11 datasources would be plonked into ungrouped and against the resource you have a load of Datasoirces, we grouped it to make the resource look tidier.
    A: Updates should only apply to modules with exact name matches, as they do now- any with custom names will be exempted from updates and require any changes to be made manually, for now.