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4 years ago

02 SEP 2020 - LogicMonitor Basics Webinar

New to LogicMonitor? This webinar is designed to help new users get their bearings and become familiar with LogicMonitor and its UI, terminology, and basic workflows. Our training team will offer Q&A and help set you up for success with LogicMonitor!

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  • Q&A Transcript:

    Q: Is there a LogicMonitor app for iOS/Android to clear/acknowledge alerts?
    A: Yes, here is the link for the app in the Google Play store:

    Q: Any plans for a set of Groovy Scripting Training Sessions, specifically catered for LM usage rather than just generic stuff?
    A: We have it on our roadmap for both a Live Training Webinar as well as an e-learning option through the “Training” link in your portal.

    Q: Any reasons we might not want to keep collector monitoring (via resource tab) to not use
    A: Technically it shouldn’t matter. There are nuances where it makes a difference, but if you wanted to change it, you could without any real impact.

    Q: What if a website is reachable from few site monitors but fails on the other?
    A: You can configure the alert criteria. You can have it alert when all, half, more than one, or any one of the locations indicates a failure. You do that in the Alert Triggering section.

    Q: Is it possible to push application level logging into logicmonitor from an application?
    A: Yes, theoretically, that’s certainly possible. We’d need more details to provide better guidance, but it would involve configuring the logs to be sent to the Collector, and also configuring an EventSource in LogicMonitor to tell the Collector to accept and alert on the logs. I’d suggest posting to our community forum with the details of what you’d like to do and we can provide more guidance.