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Community Newsletter - November Wrap up

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6 months ago


LM Community Spotlight


 LM Customer of the Month

Meet Mike Moniz  LM Community customer of the month!  I am a Sr. Cloud and Automation Engineer at ConRes and works in the Boston area. I have been using LogicMonitor since 2016. I love finding ways to help both customers and team members operate more efficiently and LogicMonitor has given me lots of opportunities to do that. I have written several internal LogicModules and API scripts, and I am a BIG fan of PowerShell.

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community?

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with the community and receiving new ideas and tips in kind. The community has produced several outside-the-box solutions or workarounds that I would never have thought to try. I also appreciate when we share how we have each architectured our LM instances and sharing pros and cons on different designs.

LM Employee of the Month

Meet Antony Hawkins  LM Community Employee of the month!  I am a Principal Sales Engineer in LogicMonitor's EMEA team.  I've been working with or for LogicMonitor since 2011. I started as a Technical Support Engineer (that was me on the other end of your live chats, if you were an EMEA or APAC customer back in 2011-2012), but I've done a lot of things in the last dozen years - Customer Success, Training, Sales support, LogicModule creation, Professional Services, Documentation, Product discussions and feedback, and more - whilst ultimately settling into my Sales Engineering role.

Throughout, I've proven the value of monitoring and observability to countless prospects and customers, and consequently have helped thousands of people at hundreds of customers work more efficiently by day and sleep better at night. I like to think I've made a positive difference to LM Envision's abilities and usability since 2011, whilst also inventing numerous outlandish integrations (diabetes monitoring, anybody?), and even some now-core modules. As a side-effect, I have been known to dream in JSON.

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community?

Mostly, that it's a community! I love the creativity and willingness to share knowledge amongst LMers and our customers, as ultimately that makes life better for everyone.

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