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Community Buzz - May 2024

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14 days ago

It’s been a couple of months of building out the new platform and the new design, and now it’s time to get back to what’s buzzing 🐝 in the LM Community! 

Let’s talk about some of the new things coming in 2024!
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new LogicMonitor Customer User Group Kick off program! 🌟 This initiative aims to bring together our valued customers from across the country to connect, collaborate, and share insights on all things LM.

👀 Some of our new programs will include a Super User Program and Knowledge Quest - Create a TKB!  More details to come on each of these!

Last year we had Customer of the Month & Employee of the Month. This year we are changing it up a bit with Member Spotlight 🔦 - Each month we’ll ask a member of the Community to tell us a bit about themselves and how they use LogicMonitor. Interested in telling your story?? PM me @A11ey    If you have a recommendation you can nominate a Community Member and you both get swag. 

🎉We also have some new swag that you can choose from our new Swag Portal. Hats, Socks, Tech Organizers, Golf Balls and more! 🎉 
How to get Swag!?! In addition to our new programs above, you can still get some quick and easy swag!  More to come!

Refer a Friend and get Swag!
How to share Community content...get Swag!

If you have feedback or run into an issue related to Community Functionality or design, please feel free to post in our Customer Feedback area, where you can also find New Features


Byte Size Humor

Once upon a time in the bustling city of TechTown, the robots decided to take a break from the spotlight and retreat to the shadows. It started with a few whispers among the circuits, a longing for a bit of mystery amidst all the data. But fear not! The robots knew they were beloved by many, so they devised a cunning plan. Each month, they emerged from their digital hideouts to share a Byte Size Humor with their human admirers. From binary jokes to algorithm antics, these robots proved that laughter is the universal language—even for our silicon friends. So, keep an eye out for their pixelated grins, for in the shadows they dwell, but in our hearts, they dwell even deeper.  

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