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2 months ago

New Features



Over the next week or so I’ll be making some tweaks to layouts, settings and featured content.  If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to reply!  Here are some new Features you will find!

First thing to know!  If your username contained spaces on the previous platform, spaces will be replaced by an underscore.  Example: Previous Username  "Allison Fasching" new Username "Allison_Fasching". You will be required to reset your password for security purposes.  Watch for an email from LM Community, check your spam folder!

You should be receiving an invitation to your previous user groups, you can also just go back to the groups of your choice and join.

Landing Pages, or “Hubs” for specific areas, Product Solutions and Customer Central, bot have landing pages that allow you to view all areas within each space, with a short summary of engagement metrics in each area.



Sort Posts
One of the best features is the ability to select how you want to view posts in a Forum!    Additionally at the bottom of the page you will see “Top of Page”, which will take you back to the beginning of the post, or if a post has multiple pages, back to the top of the page.  

Sort Replies


Mark as Solution
If someone replies to your question with the right answer, you can mark it as an Accepted Solution.  This answer will then be linked to the question.  You can also sort and filter on Accepted Solutions.

New Profile Page!
Featuring new badges on your profile and a page with all your earned Engagement Reward badges.  On your profile you will see the 4 most recent badges earned, with a link to view all badges, which will display on a separate page.  These badges are earned for various engagement milestones, posting, liking, contests monthly recognition.


New Rank badges
The New Rank badges, follow more of a military style visual, and you’ll get your “stripes” based on your engagement. For Members/Customers, you can clearly see the “stripes” and the names of each rank.  Your rank progresses as you engage in the Community, the higher the rank the more engagement and experience the member has.   Ranks with Yellow highlights indicate the same rank as the previous but they are also a member of ourInner Circle Advocacy Group. 


The new platform also has an awesome Mobile experience, easy to navigate, read post, like and engage from your mobile phone!

Private Messaging Feature has a lot of new features well, you can now format messages and add attachments. You have an inbox to view, filter and search you messages. 

More to come... Please reply with questions!

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