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2 years ago

How to contact Support when you really need it!

How to get help!?!

Look, obviously we would like you to use the community as the first point of contact when encountering questions or problems, as chances are your peers have dealt with them before!

But, if you’re encountering a problem the community really can’t fix, we’re also not going to make it difficult for you to find us—We’re here to help!

What to check before reaching out to support:

We have many clients that have used our software in ways we could have never imagined. check out some of the resources below!

➡️ Start by Searching and posting your question in our Product Discussion forums.
➡️  Check out our Product Tech Talk for how to’s, best practices and industry knowledge from our LM Tech Experts.
➡️. Check out our Troubleshooting Guides
➡️. Read thru Product Documentation   
➡️. Check out our Support Center
➡️. Status updates: A live feed on the uptime of our platform
✅. Still no luck? Or if your issue requires our Support team to login to your portal, please log a Support ticket.

 🛑 NOTE: Issues with 3rd party scripts and implementations
Don’t get us wrong, we love 3rd party scripts just as much as any other person. However, given their nature (3rd party) we also can’t take responsibility for their inner workings. Please consult the 3rd party in question, or the developer that helped you set them up.

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  • @A11ey the link for “Status Updates” in the initial post is not correct….I’m guessing the intent is for it to be LM’s status page?