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2 months ago

Alert Triage

MonitoringStatus 1.0

We have recently onboarded the LogicMonitor tool in our environment. 

While we triaging the alert, we only found the DataPoint -MonitoringStatus with Value 1.

Does it mean everything seems to be normal?


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  • From the alert, drill into the instance. Then go to the alert tuning tab. It should have a description of what the datapoint means and what the values correspond to.

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      Hi Stuart, Thanks for the response. This is what I see on the dashboard. The datapoint value is referring to 1. Under the alert tuning, the condition is mentioned as >0 [Warning]; 0:Error.

      Even in the Raw data, the value is referring to 1. Does it mean that all fine with end device status?


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        Looks like the description is blank. That's unfortunate. It means the person who built the DS didn't actually tell you what it means. Monitoring_Status is not a DS built by LM, so it would have been built by someone in your portal or downloaded from the exchange from someone else who built it and posted it. 

        However, we can probably derive what it means. Given that the DS name is "Monitoring Status" and the datapoint is "MonitoringStatus", it probably attempts to tell whether or not the device is being monitored. Also, since the threshold is "> 0 0" it probably returns a 0 when things are bad. My guess is that this attempts to tell you whether or not the device is being monitored and returns a 1 if it is and a 0 if it isn't. 

        We could probably confirm this by looking at the DS definition itself. Is it scripted? If so, would you mind posting the script here? Make sure any passwords or keys are replaced with dummy values.