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11 months ago

WinRM Collector and Non-admin scripts beta

Hello, and welcome to LogicMonitor’s Beta for WinRM non-admin automation!

At Logicmonitor we are constantly pushing the envelope on security. In our endeavor to further reduce the attack surface of our customers we are proud to bring to you the beta program for monitoring windows devices using least privilege. This beta would also allow you to try out our WinRM based collector.

Goal for the beta

Validate and test windows monitoring with WinRM based collectors running with least privilege in your environment.

We suggest the following operations to test out the non-admin automation

1. Set up a normal WMI based windows collector to monitor your windows devices.

2. Set up at least 10 the WinRM based beta collector by following the instructions in the support page. Ensure that the collectors are not running under admin privilege after completing the setup.

3. Move your devices from the WMI based collector to the beta collector to confirm that the WinRM beta collector fulfills your windows monitoring needs.

4. Test out WMI, Powershell and perfmon datasources


The beta has started and will run Through Sept 30, 2023.


Since the process to install a WinRM collector is slightly more tedious than a normal LM collector, we advise you to go through the documentation before setting it up. Documentation for the beta is available at and updated as questions come in, or as things are added/fixed. 

Note: The beta is available in EA collector 34.100 and later. All you have to do is follow the steps in the support documentation above to install the WinRM collector.


You can submit your feedback via this link or post a comment here to chat directly with the product manager. You can also contact Logicmonitor support or you Customer Success Manager for further assistance.

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