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12 months ago

UIv4 - Strange behavior with alert rows within Alert tab of Resources page

I noticed an issue with the alert rows within the Alerts tab on the Resources page. Each alert row has a clickable link for the Resource, LogicModule, and Instance columns. When the link is clicked it will “refocus” the resource tree so only the selected object is visible.

This works fine for the Resource column since it just focuses on the resource, but when the link is clicked in the LogicModule or Instance column it focuses on only that individual instance. This seems strange and there’s not really any scenario where I would want to focus the resource tree on the instance level and not see any other instances/datasources on the device.

In UIv3, only the Resource column has a clickable link. And instead of refocusing the existing page, it opens a new tab focused on the instance with the active alert. I think this behavior is better and less likely to cause confusion with end users who are investigating individual alerts.

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