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2 years ago

UIv4 - Disabled Datasources no longer grouped separately

In UIv3, any datasources that are disabled at a group-level will stop polling and an instance group called “Disabled Datasources” will appear under the resource that had the datasource applied at the bottom of the datasource list. This is useful for easily seeing if a device has any datasources disabled, and its also useful for hiding datasources if we don’t need/want them to clutter up the resource.

In UIv4, if I disable a datasource at a group-level it will stop polling but will not be moved to a “Disabled Datasources” group. This can create confusion as to why a datasource is not polling, and it creates clutter on the resource. Please add the Disabled Datasource instance group functionality to UIv4.

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  • Thanks for bringing this issue to light.  I raised this issue in our Product Channel for UIV4.  Others have brought this up, and there is already an internal ticket to look into this issue for future release.