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2 years ago

UIv4 - Cleared alerts not showing duration in began column

In UIv4, I noticed that in the Alerts tab of the Resources page does not show the duration an alert was active when you are looking at historical alerts (cleared filter set to Yes). Instead it shows the amount of time ago in hours the alert was reported at (which is redundant since timestamp is already shown in the column).

In UIv3 I am used to being able to easily see the duration a historical alert was active within the “began” column of the Alerts tab. It shows up in parentheses next to the timestamp the alert began and is useful for seeing if alerts were “flapping” among other uses.

Below is an example of what the column looks like in UIv4 vs UIv3.This example alert was triggered 6/7 at 15:05 and cleared after 5 minutes. The UIv3 version is more useful.

  • UIv4 (Reported At): Jun 07 15:05 (an hour ago)
  • UIv3 (began): Jun 07 15:05 (5m)