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5 months ago

Thanks LM for needlessly taking away simple functionality

Has anyone been clicking on the resource button in the left hand menu only to find that it’s not doing anything? Well, it actually is doing something, but not what you expect? Yep, that’s right, LM could find no better way to stuff in the resource explorer than to make the old resources button not actually do anything except pop up another menu item. Why did they decide to stuff this sub-menu where a button used to be? Now clicking the button doesn’t navigate anywhere.

  1. Why not just add another “page” to the menu bar? You already have a way of handling when there are too many items in that bar.
  2. I need the ability to turn that off for certain users. Where is the RBAC control? If you can’t give me RBAC, at least give me the ability to reorder the items in that bar.
  3. The menu pops out on mouseover. Which means that no matter when or how you click on the original button’s location, it won’t do anything. Which means, if you put an <a href> anchor around that button again pointing to the old one, you can solve this entire frustration.

Man, i thought I’d give Uiv4 a try today. Guess i gotta give it another year.

  • Thanks for the feedback! we were planning on revisiting the left-hand navigation experience in 2024. 

    If you have the toggled turned off for Resources, it should respect that selection. Can you let me know which links you’re talking about?

    As for the RBAC, is there a reason why you’re hoping to turn off this feature?

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