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12 months ago

Strange behavior when selecting Manage button on Resource Groups

I noticed that when I have a resource group selected and “focused” on so I can only see that group, there is strange behavior when I then select the Manage button for that group.

If I select the Manage button while focused on a group, it will “unfocus” the resource tree on the lefthand side. If I cancel out or save changes made on the Manage page then it will “refocus” the resource tree on that group. But it should not be unfocused while the Manage page is open.

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  • ah ok, thanks Sarah. I like that we now have the ability to navigate the tree while the Manage page is open, but it seems strange that it “unfocuses” the currently selected view of the resource tree.

    I think it would be better if we kept the same view of the resource tree that is visible when a user selects the Manage button, and then if they want to navigate the tree they can do so from wherever they were originally focused on.

  • Thanks Matt for the feedback! The intention with showing the full tree while in the manage option workflow is so that users can navigate the tree and see other groups or resources if needed. 

  • Totally understand! Thanks for additional info. I’ll create a ticket to track this as a feedback item.