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8 months ago

September 2023 Check-In - Who's using UIv4 as their main UI?

One measure of UIv4’s success will be that people are choosing to use it by default.

So go for it!

  • Who’s using it by default?
  • On which pages?
  • When do you find yourself having to switch (in either direction)?
  • Where is it better than UIv3?
  • Where is it worse than UIv3?
  • What’s still missing?

2 Replies

  • I honestly only have been using UIv3 for the Resources section almost exclusively. UIv4 is just not responsive enough, having to click on things 4, 5, 6 times before the page responds is mentally exhausting for me and not worth the struggle. So far the only time I switch to UIv4 is for one of the newer bulk select actions like moving resources from one group to the other.

    I also was excited for the overview tab for resources in UIv4 but to me it’s currently not useful at all - I need tables of information, not just graphs. I struggle with the Info tab lumping all properties together in an alphabetical list - I don’t need most of that information most of the time. I need a handful of properties separated from that list somehow so I can find what I need. It would also be extremely helpful if it were easier to tell the difference between which properties are device properties and which properties are instance properties.
    I really want to like UIv4, but it’s just not working for me as far as resources are concerned

    I am also very eagerly awaiting any sort of details, planned features/updates, whatever for the Reporting section’s UIv4 makeover. There currently are pain points with reporting for my organization and I’d really rather not sink a ton of time into figuring out ways around them that only kind of meet our needs if there will be fixes coming very soon

  • I went about two weeks on UIv4, then had some pressing issues that I had to resolve more quickly so i switched back to v3. I haven’t tried v4 since. 

    Dashboards v4 only lasted about 15 minutes. That one needs a few more months in the oven.