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7 months ago

SDT UIv4 after winter time

We are experiencing a very weird bug with the SDT function in UIv4.

When selecting any date before “winter time” start, it works just fine (as long as we use 12H format… Why can’t we choose between 12 and 24?).

Also UTC shouldn’t be affected by winter time.

Here you see that we can easily put an SDT as expected

When trying to put an SDT after winter time starts (29th of October) we are unable to directly write the time, like we did in the gif above. When trying to write 10:00 it just increases the number until it changes the date and we have to go back to select the right date. 

Also we get an error saying that the format must be HH:MM, which it clearly is but we are still not allowed to put an SDT on it in UIv4.

All of this works just fine in UIv3.