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2 years ago

New UI Time Picker

Hey all,

Thanks for participating so far in our early beta for the new UI! We’ve received some early feedback around the Time Picker. I’d like to continue exploring this topic a bit more. We have something captured for re-introducing the datasource default option in the picker list. 

What are your thoughts around the global option from v3 to the v4 experience?

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  • It has been confusing. I like the idea of having the same controls on every page, but some pages don't need a time picker and some pages do. Also there's no real good indication what the global time frame is. I know we tried that with the alerts page where we had the global time frame up at the top and the local time frame down below. That also caused confusion. I'm not sure there's a real need for a global versus local time. Yes, if you're talking about restoring the "default time" that would be good. It's needed for dashboards anyway.

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    My 2 cents is that all time pickers should have the ability to paste in fully qualified timestamps from Audit Logs. This is especially helpful for making Ops Notes: 

  • The whole “local” vs. “global” time picking is confusing and not needed.

    The only analog that has existed to this point has been when you zoom in on a single graph and that timeframe isn’t applied “globally” until you hit the little calendar button in the graph widget. When I use that feature in UIv3, I often find myself wishing for an unzoom button along side the “apply globally” button. I would use both of those buttons regularly. Currently, I use the apply globally button sometimes and other times, i go to the page time picker and reapply the chosen timeframe just so i can unzoom the graph i zoomed in on.

    Does that help?

  • Hey @Stuart Weenig ,

    We made some changes to the time picker that aims to reduce some of the confusion. Let us know your thoughts when you have a moment. 


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    @Stuart Weenig what are you’re thoughts around the “set as global range” button? Do you prefer this or after making a selection, having it automatically follow?  

    Do you ever find yourself having to “go back to a previous time” after choosing a new time when troubleshooting?