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2 years ago

New UI slow on resources page.

Just tried the new UI today, its slow, graphs are clunky and refresh poorly, changing time periods is slow and seems to be a resource hog. 

Just me?

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  • Not just you. It’s extremely slow. So slow that i’m not sure I clicked on it. There’s not even an indicator that anything is happened for several seconds.

  • You’ll see the same problem with column resizing in tables. The divider is not where the resizer is. It’s on pixel to the left of the actual divider. It even shows up a vertical blue line one pixel to the left of the column divider when the cursor changes.

  • Also the scroll bar for the resource list is limited to 1 pixel wide. The resize cursor takes over for most of the width of the scroll bar. 

    I HATE modern UI that makes scroll bars so tiny they are useless. I want a 32 pixel scrollbar, that hides or is semi transparent. 

  • I see the same slowness. Not sure if you clicked on the item, takes a few seconds to load up in the panes, etc. Also see sluggishness when loading up a page with graphs under a resource.

    Not complaining, just feedback! It’ll get there.

  • Adding a graph to a dashboard, when typing in the name of the dashboard or dashboard group to add to, it takes almost 10 seconds for the typed text to show up. Almost 15 more seconds for the dashboard list to start populating the dropdown.