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2 years ago

Having to expand the Name field in the Info tab of new Resources UI

In the Info tab of the Resources page on the new UI, the Name column needs to be expanded every time I log in so that the full property name is visible. The only way I can find to expand it is dragging the top of the table. This is never necessary in the old version of the UI, and even when I do expand the field it resets to the previous width when I log out.

I think its better in the old UI how the property name or value will wrap, rather than truncate and show me ...s if the column has not been expanded yet.

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  • I have found that all customizations on the info tab disappear when I navigate away and navigate back. Doesn't even require a logout. Should already be a ticket in for it. @Sarah Luna 

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    We do already have a ticket logged for the issue but thank you for the additional feedback!