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8 months ago

Current list of Resources UIv4 Bugs

Hi all,

As suggested, here is a list of all of the feedback we have seen in this group and their current status. I can’t expose ticket IDs, but if there is a question about a particular item, please ask within this thread. This is a manual process and will be updated manually when there are updates so there may be some delays - until we have a more automated process.

Summary of Issue Status Version Fixed Additional Comments
General feedback around "look & feel items" - includes feedback around colors, icons, text, etc. Backlog   We are currently focusing on functionality bug fixes but are aware of feedback around the colors of the new UI.
Favorites aren't carrying over from V3 to V4. Backlog   This is a lower priority item as we found users don't have a ton of Favorites saved.
When on the properties tab, values are right-aligned Fixed 197  
There isn't a separate experience for "View all ops notes" and enabling ops notes in the graph view Backlog    
Accessing global definition now requires more clicks Fixed 196 There is now a puzzle piece icon that matches the exchange that allows users to access the global definition without opening up a menu
There is no way to manually add in devices to a static resource group, unless the device is already in another group Fixed 196  
The IP Address/DNS name is missing from the title bar for a device Fixed 199 Please note that this will be a part of the “Title bar” compared to where it was previously in UIv3, which was in the breadcrumbs. 
When you are typing in a string into a field that has auto-complete capabilities, the cursor jumps around Backlog   We have found that this is a large effort that is requiring refactoring for our forms, so this is being handled in segments. This will be marked complete when all segments have been refactored. 
The sections are wrong in the Poll Now screen Backlog    
On the graphs page, when you hover over an item, the tooltip just has "Default" Fixed 198  
When adding a new resource, there is a missing indicator for whether a collector is auto-balanced Fixed 196  
Even when no changes are made, a "Are you sure?" modal pops up Fixed 197  
Icons are inconsistently showing in the resource tree - it appears on hover at the parent level, even when the child items are shown Fixed 197  
When trying to view configs in fullscreen, only a small panel was being opened. Fixed 186  
When re-ordering columns on a table, the selection was not persisted Fixed 190  
When doing a search, you can no longer double click on the result to open the item Fixed 195  
When trying to use any Remote Session option, an error was being thrown Fixed 192  
When looking at a stack graph, they were not showing in a "stacked" fashion Fixed 192  
When interacting with graphs, the selectors (Hide on Click, Highlight On Click) were not working as expected Fixed 188  
When trying to use the scroll bar on the main resource tree, the width wasn't wide enough to interact with Fixed 191  
When interacting with the time range, the "default" option was missing Fixed 188 There were a couple of changes to time range: we added back the missing functionality and changed the location to the top of the page.
When clicking on a single-instance datasource, you had to click again to go to the instance Fixed 189 We now auto-open to the instance for single-instance modules
On the Info tab in the "Members Of" section, the full path was missing Fixed 188  
When trying to expand a config, only a small number of lines were displaying Fixed 186  
Recently deleted items were showing the wrong count Fixed 188  
An "SDT" icon was incorrectly displaying in the resource tree when a device was not under an active SDT. Fixed 188  
Users that had access to SDT an item did not see the icon. Fixed 185  
The description was not showing as a tooltip when hovering over an item in the resource tree Fixed 191  
When adding a new Instance, the instance group field was not being auto-populated Fixed 193  
Alerts no longer show the duration in the row Fixed 194  
The SDT icon is missing from items that don't also have an alert Fixed 193  
The default tab changed for resources Fixed 192 We now default to graphs when on a device or datasource
When trying to use the resource tree, you could only click on a small portion to select or expand a device Fixed 186 We included highlighting and the ability to select anywhere on the line
When at a resource group level on the alert tuning tab, there is no indication of what instance a datapoint ties to Fixed 193  
When trying to look at disabled datasources or unmonitored instances, it is no longer showing in a separate group in the resource tree In Dev    
When looking at the alerts tab, it no longer shows the total alert count Need more info   The alert count is displayed in the Alerts tab in parenthesis.
General slowness with the new UI Fixed 197 We made some improvements with release 197 - please submit additional tickets if you’re still experiencing slowness
When looking at the alerts tuning tab, the description is truncated Researching   We are in the process of changing the UX for the Alert Tuning tab.
The magnifying glass (focus) icon is causing more issue than solving Researching   We are in the process of discovery to see how we can improve the "focus" experience
A user still sees the disable alerting option on a device, even when they don't have permissions to manage the device. Will Not Fix  

This was taken as feedback rather than a bug, since we still prevent the user from doing the action.

Missing time indicator when there are multiple graphs Backlog    
The alert icons are incorrectly displaying when there isn't an active alert for an item Fixed 198  
Time Format is not following user-defined format on the resources page (Custom Range selector) Backlog    
Users are not able to access the correct items in UIv4 Fixed 196  


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  • may i suggest remove the magnifying glass altogether and set a double click on a resource to focus a resource. Or double click a group to focus a group. Personally I would never need to focus any lower than resource.  

  • may i suggest remove the magnifying glass altogether and set a double click on a resource to focus a resource. Or double click a group to focus a group. Personally I would never need to focus any lower than resource.  


  • The alert icon is inconsistently showing in the resource tree - it appears on hover at the parent level, even when the child items are shown    

    This isn’t just alert icons. It’s also for SDT icons. SDT on one instance causes the icon to show up on several other, random instances.

  • A forum being used efficiently. Transparency. I love to see it.