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8 months ago

Ansible Time Zone Support


I currently use Ansible to schedule a task which updates Windows on the servers we manage, roughly 300 in Azure.  These servers are spread throughout the world in many different time zones.  In my playbooks for configuring the “patching task”, I would like to set a SDT in Logic Monitor.  Currently there is no “time zone” setting with the Logic Monitor Ansible module.  I’m sure I could get around this by doing some sort of math on the date / time within the SDT playbook.

Does anyone do anything like this?

Some other notes about our setup:

  • We have a mix of Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 VMs
  • Azure Automation / Update Management does not support Windows 11 VMs
  • Time zones on the servers are local to the region they are deployed in
  • Our patching schedule is … 
    • staging 1 week after “patch Tuesday”
    • production 2 weeks after “patch Tuesday”
    • Because of this, reoccurring SDTs need to be reconfigured twice a year, say when the first of the month falls on a Wednesday
    • Sometimes patching needs to be rerun, so it would be nice to SDT the servers / device groups whenever needed



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