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2 years ago

Lab Improvement Notes

Let’s use this thread for quick notes about labs that didn’t work as described or need to be updated (inconsistent screenshots, missing steps, etc)

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  • Suggestion: Flip “All Devices” and “All Servers” regarding the hierarchy of the group structure

    Also, specifying the group location for the dynamic group would give more context 

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    Super small thing I noticed that honestly doesn’t matter but I’m noting anyway just because…

    In the create WMI DataSource lab, we say to put “CPU Load Percent” as the displayname; however, the screenshot shows the name with underscores meaning the displayname for that DataSource is “CPU_Load_Percent”. 

    just sayin

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    Not sure if this was noted, but the removal of “per Datapoint” from this slide:

  • Install a Backup Collector lab activity: the MariaDB server is not hefty enough to host a backup collector. Need to do that activity on a more provisioned machine. 

    Windows Collector lab: let’s not change it to the internal IP - just leave it as the loopback IP.

    Resource group activity - the lab doesn’t specify what parent group to use for the dynamic group. We can use this as an example of how to drag and drop.

  • We have the students go through the one device expert mode in Resources and Groups, but don’t talk about it in the training

  • Should add some verbiage in the netscan lab about the active/scheduled/history tab

  • @Mike Aracic We should add more memory to the MariaDB server so it can actually handle running the failover collector