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2 years ago

Managing tags

I like tags. Tags are great. I see where I can add tags when creating a new topic. But is there a way to add/modify tags, later?

Some examples:

  1. If I forgot to tag my topics, can I add them later?
  2. Can we add tags to the imported topics?
  3. Can we suggest/add a tag to someone else’s topic?

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  • I don’t see any way to edit previous posts at all. I think that would be required for topics added before or after the migration. I also don’t see a way for me to suggest tags for your post. 

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    If a post is in Archive but still relevant, Flag it and put the comment “move to Product Discussions” (or wherever it belongs). I will move it and then you should be able to edit and add tags.   

    Everyone should have the ability to modify tags at the bottom of the original post. LMK if you don’t see this!