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2 years ago

Flagging a post didn't work

Tried to flag a post. The submit button didn’t appear to do anything. Dialog was not dismissed, no indicator that there’s a flag on the post.

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    Flagged posts come to the moderator on the backend. They will not show in public view. I see the post you flagged, but no comment as to the reason for the flag.  (I believe this is a platform issue with the comments posted, I have a ticket logged with their support team now). LMK what you flagged the content for, and I can perform the action. :)

  • My guess is that the flag feature is not working. The dialog box didn’t go away. From my perspective, when i hit the ok button, nothing happened. The fact that it did register a flag, but didn’t grab my comment further reinforces my belief that there’s a bug on the flag dialog box.

    The content had a code snippet. The snippet is not displaying properly.