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27 days ago

Community Feature - Tags

Posts in the community are tagged by theme or idea for easy navigation. Clicking a tag reveals all related topics, making it simple to explore. When you click a tag, it opens an overview page listing the tag name and related topics. 

The tag page displays topics and counts specific to the area of the community you're in. For instance, in a forum, the tag page is scoped to that forum, not the entire community. Using the Breadcrumb feature, you can navigate to a higher level. 

The image below is at the Product Discussion level with 54 uses of the datasource tag, if you click to Product Solutions, you will see 139 uses, or Click on the 3 dots ... and follow the tag at the highest level 140 uses.  You can also click the Follow bell, to follow all conversations with a specific tag, again remembering where you are in the Breadcrumb navigation is where your Follow takes effect. 

We encourage users to utilize tags, when adding a tag, please be sure to review the other suggested tags and choose the one most related to your topic. All Ranks can add tags to their own posts, higher ranking members Emissary and above can add tags to all posts. 

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