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2 years ago

Are you interested in providing feedback on new Rank Badge designs?

I am working on designing new ranks/badges, if you are interested in providing feedback, I would be looking for a couple of things. Screenshot or images of designs you like that go with the ranks below.  Open to suggestions on rank naming themes, but ultimately we would like to go with a tech/robotics theme for names. I’ll also add a design I am looking at, so you can get an idea, or even feel free to vote on it. 

To participate, simply reply with your suggestions. If you like something another user has suggested, please use the 👍🏻 to indicate.  We’ll be gathering feedback through the month of March, then we’ll narrow it down to a few choices and have a vote ✔.  

About Rank Badges:

Member Ranks below are achieved by engagement in the Community, the higher the number the more engagement, assistance and helpfulness a member has contributed. Below is how each of these rank, beginning with “New to the Community”, user will progress up these ranks based on helpfulness, engagement and tenure. Level 1-3 are more challenging to receive!

  1. Quantum - Top Community contributor
  2. Atomic
  3. Amplifier
  4. Turbo
  5. Hypersonic
  6. Processor
  7. Cybernetic
  8. Neophyte - New to the Community

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  • It looks like you are using rank badges that would indicate rank via the number of LM logos on a shield.

    Except that when this badge is shrunk and overlayed on a profile photo, they are a little hard to differentiate. (Sorry @Stuart Weenig. Your rank badge is just a blur.)

    Maybe cycle between colors, like: Bronze, Silver, Gold.

    Or, walk a spectrum, like: R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.

  • It would be helpful if the name and associated image conveyed the position in the ranking system.

    For example, if I hadn’t looked up US Navy enlisted ranks on Wikipedia first, I wouldn’t have known where a Chief Petty Officer ranked. However, if you had told me E-7, I would intuitively know that they were high on the scale. Additionally, their use of bars and chevrons is a great visual indication of rank.

    Without referring to a legend, I would have no clue where any of those robot names ranked on the scale.

    Alphabetizing that list would be a help. Newbies could start at “A”, and the further down the alphabet we go…

    Or, add generational/version suffixes. You could even mix and match them. Such as: “Ver 1“, “Gen 2”, “Class 3”, “Rev 4”, “Patch 5”, “RC 6”, “Update 7”, etc.