Updates to Community Platform

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Just an FYI for those of you who are actively monitoring changes to the Community platform.

Please feel free to reply with questions, comments and other recommendations.


The homepage has been updated with smaller direct navigational boxes



The Helpfulness ratings have been added to all content types


LM employees now have a custom login which will immediately identify them as LM Staff. Customers should continue to use the standard login



New Forum added LM Tech Talk, formerly know as  “From LogicMonitor”, posts here will come from our internal LM experts.  https://community.logicmonitor.com/lm-tech-talk-33


More to come: I’ll be adding a post in this group listing planned updates and programs!


Disclaimer: While I am ALWAYS happy to get your ideas and feedback, remember I am limited to the functionality and features of this platform.  😏

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The new look is awesome. I’m barely starting to get involved with the community forum, but it’s super easy to navigate, and user friendly as well!


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Thanks @elisa.olivieri!  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post here in the Community Feedback group! 

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I know some of you have had some issue with posting, I just received an update from the Insided (now Digtal Hub) support team.  


You should now be able to post the term without any need for workarounds, along with other technical terms that were also being blocked such as localhost../../java.lang.RuntimeException.


@Stuart Weenig FYI