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Tech Enablement session for API v3

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10 months ago

Hello LM Community!

As part of our initiative to help customers understand new features added to LogicMonitor, we regularly conduct Tech Enablement sessions. This session gives customers an opportunity to learn new features and get answers to their questions.
We recently conducted one such enablement session for LogicMonitor REST API v3 that mainly focused on Delta API and Advanced filters with in-depth analysis and examples.

Below is the session link:

You can listen to the recorded session to get all the details. However, to efficiently use your time, you can refer to the items we have timestamped for you.

4.09 - Introduction: Quick overview of API v3, endpoints names, and the Delta API
5.11 - API v3 Swagger articles, Advance filter articles, Delta feature in API v3
6.34 - Examples – Advanced filtering with device\devices endpoint
7.44 - Advanced filtering with filter and fields parameters on auto properties using the AND operator
10.02 - Advanced filtering with system properties using the OR operator
13.42 - Examples – Filering devices based on display name with the OR operator
14.15 - Examples – Filtering using offset, size, and default size limit
15.38 - Advance filtering with alert\alerts endpoint
15.47 - Difference between device and alert endpoint filter
17.15 - Filtering alert\alerts endpoint based on severity
18.00 - Filtering alert\alerts using the offset and size parameters
22.00 - Filtering alert\alerts API with epoch time
22.49 - Delta API and its examples
32.37 - Q&APlease contact your CSM for any query, or to participate in the Delta API beta program and get access to its support document.

Happy learning! 

Published 10 months ago
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