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SNMP Trap Credentials on Resource Properties Enhancement

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11 months ago

Hello LM Community! 

Just wanted to highlight this enhancement that has been released recently in EA Collector 34.100 to support the use of SNMP trap credentials on resource properties.

When using this collector version or newer, you can add snmptrap.* properties on resource/group level for the collector to decrypt the trap messages received from monitored devices. The credentials are used in the following order:

  • Collector first checks for the set of credential snmptrap.* in the host properties.
  • If the snmptrap.* credentials are not defined, it looks for the set of snmp.* in the host properties.
  • If sets for both snmptrap.* and snmp.* properties are not defined, it looks for the set eventcollector.snmptrap.* present in the agent.conf setting.

More details can be found in the below articles in our documentation:

SNMP Trap Monitoring:
EA Collector 34.100 Release Notes:

Published 11 months ago
Version 1.0
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