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Simplify administrative tasks with Co-Pilot, LogicMonitor's Generative AI chatbot

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3 months ago

Introducing LM Co-Pilot: Your AI-Powered IT Assistant Simplify IT tasks and boost your team's efficiency with LogicMonitor's Co-Pilot.

In this demo, Sarah Luna showcases this revolutionary new generative AI tool that: - Streamlines setup and admin tasks with chat-like interactions - Reduces errors and saves time - Frees your IT team for more strategic work LM Co-Pilot is currently in preview mode.

Want to try it? Contact your LogicMonitor rep!

Coming soon: Co-Pilot's capabilities will expand to support, troubleshooting, and more.


Updated 3 months ago
Version 2.0


  • Been asking for months for this to be turned on in my sandbox. Still haven't seen it. Does it support RBAC? I don't want my regular users to see it.

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      RBAC is always our concern as well. In the past LM has always just auto added it to all roles (if there even is a way to control it via RBAC).