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LogicMonitor Two Factor Authentication FAQ's

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10 months ago

Two Factor Authentication 2FA FAQ’s

1. Will my access be affected if I use Single Sign-On (SSO)?

  • No, SSO users will not be impacted by 2FA.

2. What happens if I have an incorrect phone number associated with my account?

  • If your phone number is incorrect, you won't receive the code to log in. Please reach out to your Local Admin, and ask them to update your phone number in your user profile. If your Local Admin(s) are unable to log in, please contact LM Support.

3. What occurs when 2FA is activated, and there's no phone number associated with my user account?

  • When 2FA is activated users without a phone number linked to their account will be prompted to enter one, and sign up for 2FA during their next login.

4. Does enabling "restrict to single sign-on" act as an alternative to 2FA, and will customers lose the ability to uncheck this option?

  • After 2FA is activated, customers will not be able to disable 2FA for local users. "Restrict Single Sign-On" and 2FA will work together. There will be no change or impact on SSO users; they will continue to function as usual.

5. How does the 2FA activation affect shared accounts?

  • Sharing accounts is not a recommended security best practice, and with 2FA, user accounts can no longer be shared. A new account and profile should be created for each user. 

6. What if I am unable to login?

  • If you cannot login, please contact your Local Admin, and request that they update your phone number and email address in your user profile. If your Local Admin(s) are unable to log in, please reach out to LM Customer support

7. Will integrations be impacted?

  • No, integrations using API keys will continue to function as they are, provided Basic Authentication is not in use.

8. Will the API be affected?

  • No, the API will not be affected.

9. Does the 2FA activation impact API-only users?

  • There is no impact on API-only users. However, we recommend that customers periodically audit API token usage, and recreate any API tokens previously created with administrator permissions.

10. Will Integration IDs, such as ServiceNow (ID/Pass and API ID/Key) and AWS (ARN), be affected by the 2FA Activation?

  • API ID/Keys and ARNs will not be impacted. SSO users are also not affected. Only local accounts without pre-enabled 2FA will be impacted. API keys will not be affected. If you add API keys to a local user, you will need to set up 2FA for that local user.

11. If a user is initially created as a LOCAL user, and later integrated with SSO, will there be any impact?

  • There is no impact in this scenario.

12. What should I do if the user's email address is invalid and the phone number is empty?

  • Reach out to the local admin of your account for assistance in updating the email and phone number. If you are a local admin, and are locked out of your account, click here to contact LM Customer support.

13. Will there be any impact for customers using external SSO with 2FA to authenticate for the LM portal?

  • There is no impact for customers using external SSO with 2FA for LM portal authentication.


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Published 10 months ago
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