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LogicMonitor.Api nuget package for .NET developers - full v3 API support

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9 months ago

For those developers who have chosen the C# / .NET software development path…

Our “LogicMonitor.Api” nuget package is open source (MIT license), free (as in beer) and tried and tested in many, many software projects (680,000+ downloads and counting!)

Find it here:

Some advantages to using this library:

  • Never worry about paging ever again.  It’s all built in:
    • var devices = await logicMonitorClient


  • Ignore back off responses.  It’s all handled for you.
  • All requests and responses are strongly typed
    • Is it an integer, a byte or a long?  We’ve found out and implemented it
  • We use .NET best naming practices.
    • No more confusion between hostname, displayname, name, host group, device group, resource group and hstgrp etc.
  • Is it numOfX, numberOfX, xNum or…
    • It’s XCount.  As it should be, and consistently throughout.
  • What about CreationDtos?
    • Yep, we’ve done them.
  • LogicMonitor has an undocumented API feature whereby…
    • Yes, we know.  It’s in there.
  • Why does the documentation not tell me…?
    • We’ve had to work it out.  It’s in there.
  • Can I…?
    • Yes, and if not, let us know and we’ll add it.

Pull requests gratefully received!

Published 9 months ago
Version 1.0
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