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Experience the new API v3

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11 months ago

As you all know, we have implemented all the latest enhancements in LogicMonitor REST API v3 ONLY. Some of the key features that work only with API v3 are:

  • Advance filtering to get accurate result
  • Bearer token for authentication
  • Delta feature on device\devices endpoint (coming soon…)

To start using all these features, we strongly recommend you to upgrade to LogicMonitor API v3 as the base version in your environment.

For more details, refer to the following support articles:

REST API v3 Swagger doc:

REST API v3 Advanced filtering:

Bearer token with REST API v3:

Published 11 months ago
Version 1.0


  • Still need some monitoring from my monitoring tool telling me some details about which of my many integrations/scripts are using v2. Otherwise, i’ll either have to go through everything with a fine toothed comb or wait until it’s turned off to see how many things break.

  • As Stuart stated. We have no idea what other teams are using and how many scripts, apps, tools, etc...

  • Kindly reach out to the CSM, to share the tracker sheet, this should help identify accounts hitting the older version of API. We also plan to share the details of the Username/Email or Access id associated to the accounts by next Quarter.

  • There’s no more specific name than “the tracker sheet”? I am predicting blank stares when I say to my CSM, “hey could you share the tracker sheet?”

  • Yeah, I think we found that one and it was less than useful. It didn’t tell me which credentials were still using v1/v2. Without that, I won’t be able to know which of the many integrations are still using v1/v2. Without knowing, I’d have to go through all the code for all the integrations (which would take me past the cutoff time and wouldn’t really guarantee that I caught all of it).

    Any progress on making a report that shows us which token IDs are still using the old versions?