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Enhanced API v3 Experience with Delta on device\device endpoint

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10 months ago

Try out the feature today and let us know how it enhances your API Journey

Getting the difference between APIs, often referred to as "diffing" or "delta comparison," involves comparing two versions of data or resources to identify the changes that have occurred. Time-based diffing is particularly useful when you want to understand how data has evolved or when you need to apply updates to a dataset based on changes that occurred between two timestamps.

Our Customers Ask is …. ensure our data is accurate, reliable, within the rate limits, & lessen effort examining the data elements, fields, or attributes,

LM Delta V3 API is a one-stop feature to identify the latest changes that can be used to craft a dashboard, or send it across integration, and granular refinement by leveraging advanced filtering on Delta API.

Below are the endpoints:

  • GET /santaba/rest/device/devices/delta – Registers delta request and generates a new delta Id. It also returns all devices that match the filter criteria.
  • GET /santaba/rest/device/devices/delta/<DELTAID> – Returns devices that have any delta between the last and the current API call.

Don't miss out on the advantages of the feature….. Stay Tuned

Published 10 months ago
Version 1.0


  • E.g: You have 50K devices monitored by LM, within those 10 device property got updated, 5 devices recently got added, and one device got deleted.

    Today with GET: /device/devices API there is no way to fetch the above updated information about devices. Every time you hit GET device Endpoint, you will receive all 50K devices data in response. A lot of manual computation is needed to identify the difference between timestamps

    Delta feature on device/devices endpoint, helps you to extract the latest, updated information about your devices monitored by LM.

  • Ok, sounds great for someone else. I can’t map that functionality up to any of my use cases. Any changes like that would have been pushed by me so I’d already know about them.

  • This WOULD be really useful for us, but unfortunately (unless I’ve seriously misunderstood) it excludes changes not made via the API, so its value drop to zero.


    • Device name is changed
    • This puts it out of policy, updating an auto property
    • No delta is presented
    • We are unaware

    Result (and we do this a LOT), we continue to repeatedly round robin all devices 24x7.

  • I imagine this has no use for us, but in the spirit of exploration I tried it out.

    Kinda need to be able to try it out.

    "errorMessage": "Delta API not enabled",
    "errorCode": 1400,
    "errorDetail": null
  • @Joe Williams : Please let me know your portal name, or CSM name. I will enable this feature