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Community Announcement: Sunset of LogicModules in Settings in Uiv3

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3 months ago

Attention LogicMonitor Users,

In the upcoming release v207, we want to inform you about an important change regarding LogicModule management. Starting in release v207, LogicModules will no longer be accessible from the Settings page in UIv3. Instead, the Modules page (Toolbox and Exchange) will be the new platform for LogicModule management going forward.

What does this mean for you?

Changes to LogicModule Access: All LogicModule management, including adding, editing, and updating LogicModules, will now be performed exclusively through the Modules page (Toolbox and Exchange).

Accessing LogicModules: Please navigate to the Modules section from the LogicMonitor navigation sidebar to manage your LogicModules efficiently.

What’s Going Away?

The following functionalities under "Settings → LogicModules" in UIv3 will be deprecated:

  • Add LogicModules (from LMX, Repo, or File)
  • All Editors for LogicModule Types
  • The LogicModule tree with Groups
  • Update/Import from Core

NOTE: All the mentioned functionality exists in UIv4, except for "Import from Core" (although imports between customer portals are still possible with appropriate credentials, especially in child/parent/MSP setups). While the Group tree is not visually represented as a tree in UIv4, Groups are still accessible within the Modules UIv4 interface.

Customer Impact:

We understand that this change may require a slight adjustment to your workflow. Please refer to our detailed Modules Overview Documentation for guidance on utilizing the new Modules page effectively.

Additional Helpful Documentation:

Thank you for your attention to this important update. We are committed to continuously improving our platform and ensuring a seamless experience for our users.


Published 3 months ago
Version 1.0


  • I would love to know what else is coming. I am still finding the process of keeping my customizations overly cumbersome. The settings to preserve certain parts of the module while accepting other parts of the update just aren't working for me. I've literally had to copy the JSON of the scripts in the comparison view, run them through something outside LM to get rid of the JSON formatting and escape characters, and go back to the edit screen to paste the updates to the scripts that I want. The current workflow still wants to get rid of any datapoints I've added and reset all the other toggles back to default (collection intervals for example).
    If on the comparison screen I could scroll through and click an accept button for each section of changes I want, and by default keep the things that already exist, that would be so much better. Obviously I don't need to be able to accept each and every chunk of new whitespace in a script, I mean more so like to approve the whole new script instead of keeping the whole old script or not approving the removal of the datapoints I added etc.

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      Yep, i have to do the same thing. Luckily we have a sandbox portal so i bring the updates into there and put the two windows side by side so i can copy/paste from one to the other. We particularly have problems when we have discovery settings like auto-deletion that cannot be preserved.

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        That's a good thought, I keep forgetting about the sandbox. Though, I'm sure you'd agree, it should just be easier to do without all that extra faff

  • I still don't believe that it's ready. But if this means that somehow more resources will be put towards fixing the bugs and the bits that are harder to do, so be it.

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      Hey Stuart_Weenig , you might find it interesting to know that the Toolbox and Exchange actually get more traffic than the old v3 experience does today. This has been the case for at least a few months now. The only LogicModule-related part of v4 that I personally like less than v3 is the ternary Skipped filter, but we'll be improving that experience soon.

      We've got quite a few more awesome improvements (beyond v3 parity) in the works as well. Stay tuned, and please keep the feedback coming!

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        Cool, cool. Please tell me that the diff view is going to show decoded scripts.