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LM User Group Founders Dinner Series: New Jersey, New York & London

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20 days ago
New Jersey Dinner

We’ve just wrapped up another leg of our LM User Group Founders Dinner Series!

Where we've been:

  • New Jersey with Tapestry, Mathematica, and Provident Bank
  • New York with Pure Insurance, NYC Teachers Credit Union, and NYU
  • London with a half dozen of our Strategic Public Sector customers 

Missed out on our most recent meet-ups? No worries, we’ve got you covered with key highlights and insights below:

Big Themes from NJ, NY & London:

Enablement Bootcamp:
We discussed what an ideal intensive training path would look like for our customers and what they would want to get out of it.

Product Utilization & Awareness: We’re finding that customers aren't fully aware of the tools available to them, or how to use them effectively. This is on us to fix.

Product Feedback: Customers shared that our current feedback process feels like a black hole. They want to see their own feedback, that of their peers, and have the option to upvote. Transparency here is essential.

AI Readiness: Unlike our last stop, the consensus here is that customers are ready to embrace AI. The ideal use-case being answers to questions pushed to them instantly.

Key Themes We Continue to See:

In-Person Connections:
Our customers are sharing that they are looking for opportunities to learn in-person together, with their peers and LogicMonitor in one place. They are eager for a platform to share their success stories with others, discuss use-cases, and have Q&A in a safe and transparent environment.

Training & Enablement: It’s obvious that more hands-on training is necessary. Questions like, “How do I use these features” and “What is the value” are common. Our customers are looking for practical, use-case-driven training to really make the most out of LogicMonitor.

Meet the LogicMonitor Team at One of our Next Stops!

We'd love to see you in the cities below! Reach out to Allison Fasching, comment in the thread, or click on the linked cities for more info.

6/6 - Atlanta, GA
6/11 - Charlotte, NC

Can't attend in-person? We'll be wrapping up our LM User Group Founders Dinner Series with a virtual event in Q3 for our online community. 👀 Stay tuned for details, and be sure to subscribe to this forum to stay up to date with info about our formal User Group program launch and upcoming events.

⭐ A big thank you to our customers in New Jersey, New York and London for joining our team for a fantastic evening of conversation outside of the office!

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