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LM User Group Founders Dinner Series: Chicago

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14 days ago

Part 3 of our LM User Group Founders Dinner Series was a stop in Chicago!

The LogicMonitor team was joined by our customers and partners from Entaracorp, McDonald’s, Ntiva, Rightpoint, and Rkon. It was a great evening of open conversation and feedback.

Haven’t been able to make it to our Dinner Series in person? As always, we’ve got you covered with a recap below:

Big Themes from Chicago:

Alert Noise:
This was a big topic and lead to a lot of back and forth discussion about input and how to handle this everyday experience as well as static vs. dynamic threshold.

Platform Extensibility:
How can we make it easier to customize data they are getting in and out of LogicMonitor and other applications?

Product Feedback: As with other cities, folks are struggling with the “black hole” of product feedback. Everyone wants visibility into what others are asking for and to be able to upvote those priorities.

Communication: The general consensus is that we are in a post-email world. There is a clear ask for bite-sized content to stay informed, rather than a 7-page document with updates. Simple and easy to consume is the way to go.

We hear you, here’s what’s next:

Our customers in Chicago echoed the sentiments we've heard from others on the road: you want to unlock more of LogicMonitor’s potential, in-person, with your peers.

You've asked for a place to connect in-person, participate in two-way conversations, and interact with experts, and have the opportunity to walk away from the day with a new certification. You want hands-on experiences, use case sharing, and clear insights into our product roadmap.

In response, we're beginning plans for our formal user group kickoff. Feedback was loud and clear, we need to meet and learn together, in-person! Stay tuned - We’ll be considering 3 locations and asking for this Community’s input on the agenda YOU want to see.

We’re making one more stop!

Although we've officially concluded our 3-part series, due to popular demand, we will be making one more stop in Atlanta, GA on July 11!

Register here or comment in the thread below with your questions.

Can't attend in-person? We'll be wrapping up our LM User Group Founders Dinner Series with a virtual event in Q3 for our online community. 

Stay tuned for details, and be sure to subscribe to this forum to stay up to date with info about our formal User Group program launch and upcoming events.

Thank you to our customers that joined us in Chicago for a fun and eventful evening of conversation outside of the office!

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