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Why I Work at LogicMonitor!

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2 years ago

As I reflect about my time thus far at LM, I consider LM’s support in my development as the key contributor to my success and happiness thus far.  When I began in July 2021, I was pivoting careers, joining the recruiting team in a relatively low-level, but key position that’d influence the candidate experience… all while developing process-improvement initiatives for our recruiters.  We were hiring dozens of folks every month, making things super fast-paced and a little crazy - especially my ramping period and overall learning experience.  Fast forward to now, after I’ve accomplished success in three different roles, continually climbing the ladder and “launching” upward.  I know I’m not the only LMer experiencing this type of success, either, especially since LM has been chosen as one of the  “100 Best Large Places to Work in the US” by BuiltIn.

I shed light to our employee experience because LM’s internal support increasingly aligns with the experience brought to our customers each year.  On a regular basis, customers should expect frequent communication and an open-door policy to give and receive feedback to what’s working, support in identifying challenges and opportunities, and experiencing ROI that will “soar” over time.  LM is not just a platform, but a true partner.  Need proof?  See what our customers have to say!

  • Dan Brodsky, Learning & Development Specialist 


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Published 2 years ago
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