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LogicMonitor's new AI assistant called LM Co-Pilot!

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7 months ago

Some exciting news just dropped about LogicMonitor's new AI assistant called LM Co-Pilot! 

This virtual sidekick uses conversational AI to make things way easier to manage your hybrid IT environments day-to-day. Co-Pilot can walk you through actions like setting up devices and help surface support documentation more quickly - no more digging through docs and menus. 🙌

The goal is to save you time and headaches so you can focus more on your business goals. Co-Pilot brings together LogicMonitor's knowledge and expertise into one handy chatbot.

The chatbot won’t be available until mid-2024 but I know some of you are already as pumped as I am! They want to get it just right before unleashing Co-Pilot. Pricing and packaging are still TBD.

But the key is that this builds on top of LogicMonitor's existing strengths around monitoring coverage, automation, and intelligence. It's not AI just for the sake of it - Co-Pilot targets real use cases that will move the needle for all of us.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I'll be sure to share more updates as we get closer to the beta release. The future looks bright with a virtual sidekick to help streamline tasks so we can focus on bigger and better things!

LM Co-Pilot: Your AI Co-Pilot for the Magical Streamlining of IT and Cloud Operations

Got questions about these new features? Click here to join our Fall Launch Community AMA (Ask Me Anything) Group where project managers will answer your burning questions! On December 5th we will have a live AMA, join the group for more details!

Published 7 months ago
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