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LogicMonitor Team wins Honors Award at Vista Global Hackathon 2023!

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10 months ago

The city of Bangalore, India was buzzing with excitement as the Vista Global Hackathon 2023 on Generative AI event kicked off on 30th August - from 8:30 a.m. till 31st Aug 8:30 a.m.  There were 22 teams in total, and each team had 24 hours to complete their tasks and 6 minutes to present.

It was a gathering of the brightest minds in the tech industry, and Team LM Wingman from LogicMonitor was ready to make their mark.

The team consisted of five talented individuals, (pictured here along with Rajesh Kulkarni, VP, Engineering & GM  India) each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table.

Honors Award Winners

Amol Parekh, Principal Software Engineer, team lead and seasoned AI specialist, making significant technical decisions and contributions to the project. Parag Chobitkar, Staff Software Engineer, the data wizard, turning raw data into valuable insights. Arish Farista, Sr. UI Engineer. played a critical role in the development of the user interface. Santosh Dhumale, Lead Software Engineer, the troubleshooter, had an uncanny ability to solve complex problems. Last but not least, Nitesh Kumar, Staff Software Engineer,  brought a combination of technical leadership with a deep understanding of the software development lifecycle. 

Amongst the 22 teams from various companies competing in the hackathon, the challenge was clear: solve domain-specific business problems using Generative AI within a grueling 24-hour timeframe. Each team was handed a unique problem to tackle.

The LM Wingman team's problem was a tough one. They were tasked with finding a solution to troubleshoot alerts based on historical data generated by different devices. It was a complex issue that required a deep understanding of AI, data analysis, and the ability to work under intense time pressure.

The team dove headfirst into their work, brainstorming ideas, and devising a plan of action. Amol, with his leadership skills, kept the team motivated and on track. Parag worked tirelessly to gather and clean the vast amounts of data they needed. Nitesh was up all night coding and fine-tuning the Generative AI algorithms. Santosh meticulously analyzed the alerts and devised a troubleshooting framework.Arish, with his creative touch, helped design a user-friendly interface for their solution.

Hours passed in a blur as the team worked tirelessly. They encountered numerous challenges along the way, but their determination and collective expertise helped them overcome each obstacle. They fueled themselves with snacks and caffeine, never losing sight of their goal.

As the clock ticked down, the LM Wingman team completed their solution. They were ready for the live demo. With bated breath, they presented their innovative approach to solving the alert troubleshooting problem using Generative AI. The judges and the audience were impressed by their seamless integration of historical data, metrics, and logs into a user-friendly platform. 

The audience praised our teams with remarks such as "Mastering the concept, and setting a commendable standard for other teams to follow. 

The demo went off without a hitch, and the LM Wingman team left the stage feeling a mixture of exhaustion and satisfaction. They had given it their all, and now it was up to the judges to decide their fate.

After what felt like an eternity, the results were in. The LM Wingman team had won an award under the category of "Honorable Mention." 

They have continued their winning streak from last year, proudly bringing another trophy home.

While it wasn't the grand prize, it was a well-deserved recognition of their hard work and innovative solution.

The team celebrated their achievement, knowing that they had not only solved a complex problem but had also showcased the power of Generative AI in the real world. As they looked back on their 24-hour journey, they were proud of what they had accomplished together.

The Vista Global Hackathon 2023 had been a challenging yet rewarding experience for Team LM Wingman. It was a testament to their skills, dedication, and ability to work together under pressure. With their heads held high, they left the event, ready to take on new challenges and continue pushing the boundaries of AI technology.

Published 10 months ago
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