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LogicMonitor Summer Launch 2023

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10 months ago

Hey there! Are you ready for our 2023 Summer Launch packed with awesome new features?

We've focused on making your life easier by providing easy access to crucial information through customizable dashboards and workflows. Plus, we've added native integrations with the latest tech, cutting-edge automation, and a flexible platform that scales with your growing business.

Join CPO Taggart Matthiesen and demos from our PM’s) at our upcoming webinar, Unlocking intelligence & extensibility  LogicMonitor’s latest product innovations, scheduled for August 22nd at 11am PST! 

Got questions about the Summer Launch features?

Join our Community AMA (Ask Me Anything) Summer Launch Group with our Product Managers on August 29th. You can join the before the event and start asking your questions!

Here are a few highlights of the cool stuff we've got for you:

Dexda (Controlled Availability): We've always been smart about intelligence and automation, and we're taking it up a notch! Meet LM Dexda, our AI-powered gem. It takes alerts from LM Envision, works its magic with advanced machine learning, and creates connected insights for faster issue resolution. No more alert fatigue and manual tasks!

Datapoint Analysis: Say goodbye to sifting through tons of metrics during incidents. Our new feature narrows down the list of relevant metrics, helping you diagnose and solve issues faster, boosting productivity.

Logs Query Tracking: Tracking trends in log data has never been easier! We've got a new feature that gives you insightful metrics for KPI and trend analysis, so you can keep a closer eye on your logs.

Jira Service Management: Our fully released integration with Jira brings harmony to your incident management. It's a two-way ticketing system, jointly developed with Atlassian, to ensure smooth collaboration and speedy issue resolution.

Event-Driven Ansible (Closed Beta): This one's for the automation lovers! We've partnered with Red Hat to create Event-Driven Ansible. When an alert pops up, it triggers predefined workflows, automating remediation and troubleshooting. Sweet!

Unified Platform Experience: We've revamped our UIv4, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. You'll love the improved usability, increased productivity, and a consistent experience across the platform.

Cloud Enhancements: We've got you covered with new support for AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes in Topology Mapping. Visualize your resource connections for efficient troubleshooting. Also, enjoy 20 new Azure and AWS dashboards for better service-specific views.

Logs: Managing logs is a breeze now with LogSource UI, simplifying log collection and configurations. Plus, we've added advanced enrichment capabilities for faster searching and filtering. No more getting lost in log data!

DEM Improvements: Synthetic web checks are here! Get detailed data for alerting and troubleshooting with recorded web checks, multiple steps, and MFA support. We've also added support for M365 and Okta logs for better problem identification and quicker resolution.

Extensibility: Flexibility is key! We've expanded support across our entire monitoring portfolio, including Platform, Cloud, and Container Monitoring. With LogicMonitor, you can monitor your entire IT environment, eliminating blind spots and driving enterprise growth.

The Summer Launch is all about empowering you with intelligence and extensibility. To learn more and join the conversation, visit our community and check out our upcoming webinar. Exciting times ahead!  

Published 10 months ago
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