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LogicMonitor’s Fall Release!

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7 months ago

Check out LogicMonitor’s Fall Release with Taggart Matthiesen CPO, as he introduces the latest innovations to the LM Envision platform!

This fall LogicMonitor is continuing its tradition of continuous innovation and will be releasing over 50 new features under three themes: Unified Platform Experience, Layered Intelligence and Hybrid Coverage. These new capabilities will help our customers significantly improve their time-to-value, ease day-to-day IT operations, and help improve service availability. The LM Envision platform, designed for hybrid observability, has AI capabilities at every level built on our years of domain expertise in hybrid infrastructure.

Here are some of the key features coming this fall:

Unified Platform Experience

LogicMonitor offers one of the best time-to-value in the industry and we are continually investing to improve the overall platform experience. 

  • Updated User Interface (UIv4): After a long open beta with thousands of our customers we are announcing the general availability of the new user interface that offers bulk actions, improved module editors, and a significantly updated Topology experience besides numerous other improvements. Please note that some of the new features in the fall launch require that you toggle on the new UI.
  • Resource Explorer: Resource Explorer is an innovative and highly intuitive interface to quickly scan the status of thousands of resources across your multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure. This new feature includes the ability to filter and group resources in real-time based on some out-of-box properties (e.g. group all DC and cloud resources by regions) or custom properties (e.g. Tenant)
  • Dashboard Filtering: LogicMonitor users and admins can now leverage a common dashboard template and use filters to customize the dashboard data for their needs (e.g. AWS dashboard can be filtered to show just the US regions for admins in the US).

Layered Intelligence

LogicMonitor has offered a variety of AIOps features built right into the platform for the last several years. We continue to leverage our domain knowledge to add new intelligence features and enhance existing AIOps capabilities. 

  • Dexda Improvements: We announced Dexda during the summer release and have made substantial enhancements to further reduce Alert noise and integrate NLP more closely. Correlated alerts in Dexda, aka Insights can now be correlated further so only a handful of Incidents are escalated into ServiceNow. These Incidents now have a plain English summary across all correlated alerts to help the level 1 incident response staff for quicker root causes and escalations to the relevant experts.
  • Datapoint Analysis: Our ML models integrated into LM Envision platform can perform correlations across metrics related to an alert or anomaly. Datapoint Analysis is now available as a beta.
  • Log Alerting Improvements: Due to massive log volumes, customers want to tightly control how alerts are generated from log data. LM Logs now allow for conditional alerting algorithms to customize the alerting rules for different types of logs.

Hybrid Coverage

Our customers appreciate the broadest coverage of hybrid infrastructure technologies to reduce blind spots and consolidate a variety of tools in their operations. 

  • SD-WAN Coverage, and Meraki Cellular Gateways: LogicMonitor now offers the broadest coverage of SD-WAN technologies including Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN, Aruba EdgeConnect, and VMWare SD-WAN. All these modules offer rich coverage of performance, availability, and usage-related metrics along with Netflow, Logs, Topology, out-of-box alert thresholds, and config monitoring.
  • Oracle MySQL 8.x, and Veeam v12 backup & replication: Updated modules now support MySQL 8.x and monitoring of database size and backup status. We also updated our support for Veeam to cover version 12.
  • SNMP Traps as Logs: LogicMonitor is improving its coverage of SNMP Traps with a new architecture that leverages LM Logs to offer more scalable search and filtering capabilities, automated anomaly detection, and conditional alerting. SNMP varbinds are automatically translated by LogicMonitor for easier troubleshooting.

Questions? Join the group to add your fall release questions, and then tune in for the live AMA event with our product team on December 5, 2023!

For more information about the fall release, check out Simplify & Scale: LogicMonitor’s Latest InnovationsLogicMonitor Simplifies Multi-Cloud Complexities for CloudOps Teams or register for the webinar on November 16, Simplifying hybrid multi cloud complexity. If you miss the webinar, you can watch it on demand!


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