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Customer Story - GCISD

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2 years ago

Customer Story: 

Industry: School Districts


With an average of 40,000 devices online in the district at any given time, GCISD needed to reduce tool sprawl and find an observability platform that provided full visibility, robust alerting, and forecasting to solve problems before they impacted teachers and students. 


LogicMonitor’s single pane of glass and robust dashboards provided visibility across their entire infrastructure within one platform. Features like Automatic Discovery and intelligent alerting saved the team valuable time, while historical data and AI predictions helped anticipate future problems. 

Business Outcomes 

  • Reduced the overall number of help desk tickets with proactive monitoring

  • Instant alerting allowed for minimal downtime after the district experienced an outage

  • Single source of truth increased visibility and insights across multiple teams

As we moved through the pandemic and the complete school system went online, we realized that even a second of downtime or service interruption would severely impact instruction. Having a tool like LogicMonitor is so important to ensure that our technology is supporting our staff and students 24/7”

– Kyle Berger, Chief Technology Officer


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