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Welcome the NEW LogicMonitor Community! Start Here!

  • 25 January 2023
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Welcome the NEW LogicMonitor Community! Start Here!
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Welcome to the New LogicMonitor Community!

  • If this your first visit to our new community...Welcome! We’re super happy to have you here! If you haven’t already, please create your profile, yourself to the community here!
  • If you were a member of our former Community...Welcome back! If you are having trouble logging in, you may need to reset your password before you can post.  Don’t forget to re-introduce yourself to the community here!
  • Trouble Logging in? Please email us at


Why a new Community?  We really enjoyed having so many wonderful conversations in our previous Community, we wanted to bring you a new platform with more features and a new and fun design.  Our new community is meant to be useful for everyone, new and veteran customers, prospects, employees and best of all your level of expertise does not matter. We encourage everyone to join the discussion! Important note: As we launch our new Community, you can expect to see a lot of changes, more content and updates will be added as we continue to grow. If you are interested in providing feedback, we have a special Community Feedback group you can join!


Time for a closer look!


A (really) quick tour

The basic setup of our community is simple!

LM Pulse 

  • Welcome - New to Community, LogicMonitor and other Getting started info.
  • LM News -  News, Announcements, & updates from the LM Team.
  • Customer Stories - Amazing stories about and from our customers and how they are finding value in using our tools.

Product Hub

  • Product Discussions - Ask the community (or us) anything about us, our products or any other related question that might be on your mind. We have a lot of experts here than can help answer your questions. 
  • Product Tech Talk - Updates and information about our products from our LM Tech Experts.


  • Coming Soon: Upcoming Events

Please read our Community Guidelines.

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This looks like a step up from the forums. Will be interesting to watch how it rolls out.