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2 months ago

We want your input! Roadshow or User Group


📢 Calling all customers! 📢

We want to hear from you! As we plan our upcoming events, we're curious: what's your preference? Would you rather attend a dynamic roadshow packed with diverse content and networking opportunities? Or are you more excited about joining a focused user group where you can dive deep into specific topics with like-minded peers? Do you prefer virtual or in person events?

Let us know your preference in the comments below, as well as the location you would be interested in!

Your feedback will help us tailor our events to better meet your needs and preferences.

We can't wait to hear from you! 🌟 

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  • It seems like:

    Roadshow -> More LM employee involvement, possibly PMs hearing direct feedback from us

    User group -> Users getting together to talk to other users.

    If that's how it shakes down, I'd always opt for the first. Despite having a feedback mechanism built into the product, we as customers don't feel heard. Having an opportunity to corner specific product managers and talk to them about the difficulties we have doing our jobs using LM would be more valuable than talking with other users. Most other users can't go into details about their stuff because of confidentiality reasons anyway. So when users get together, it's mostly theoretical discussion.